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Medical Policies

Injury Policy
If you as the parent/guardian of the athlete or the Licensed athletic trainer deems your athlete has an injury that needs physician attention, the athlete is deemed ineligible until the Licensed Athletic Trainer has a signed note from the physician clearing the athlete for activity and a date the athlete can return to activity.
Note: A Chiropractor cannot sign off on any medical document!
A medically ineligible athlete may not participate in another CCSD athletic sport until they are cleared by a physician and the Licensed Athletic Trainer has the note of clearance.
Concussion Policy
A neurological concussion can occur without the athlete losing consciousness. Any athlete that has documented loss of consciousness must be transported to the hospital.
All concussed athletes with signs and symptoms and documented Standard Assessment of Concussion must be cleared by:
A signed and dated note of return from a physician. or;
A normalized ImPACT score that is cleared by Dr. Kinsora or Dr. Ross. or;
A Nevada Licensed Athletic Trainer 
The licensed athletic trainer at Foothill is in place to prevent and assess any injury your athlete may have. It is up to your athlete to communicate to her, their coach, and you if an injury has taken place. We cannot help your athlete without communication.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Athletic Training Medical Policies and/or Procedures, please contact our the Foothill Athletic Trainer, Chelsea Hanes at (702) 799-3500, extension #4043.