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About Foothill High School

Foothill High School opened its doors on August 23, 1999, with 93 faculty and staff members, and 1,268 students.
Today, Foothill has over 150 faculty and staff members that serve 2,300 students.
Foothill is proud to be the pinnacle of the OneHill group of schools. These elementary and middle schools feed into Foothill and provide a sense of community for students as they progress toward graduation from Foothill. The academic and elective courses of study offered at Foothill allow students to fulfill graduation requirements and ensure students are college and career-ready. Foothill’s core academic programs align with the Nevada Academic Content Standards. The elective courses are designed to allow students to choose a program of study that will lead them to a career pathway and students may earn college credit for free through our Career and Technical Education Programs. Foothill also has a robust partnership with the University of Nevada Reno’s Collegiate Academy where students can earn college credit in many courses.
Students are encouraged to take advantage and participate in student activities and athletic programs offered at Foothill High School.
Foothill High School is committed to meeting the district, state, and national educational standards for all students.
Foothill High School’s Motto
Falcons - Soaring Above and Beyond to a New Level of Excellence.

Foothill High School’s Mission
Foothill High School is dedicated to creating a safe and challenging environment for the
academic, behavioral, and social demands of their post-graduate life.

Foothill High School’s Vision
All students graduate prepared to succeed and contribute to a diverse global society.
Foothill High School Belief Statements
Foothill High School’s Belief Statements were developed by students, staff, and parents
and reflect the diverse school community that we serve.
- We believe all students can learn.
- We believe all students can earn a diploma.
- We believe all students can be successful after high school.
#OneHill Core Values
Nurturing Others
Hard Work