Get a head with summer reading

Get Ahead with Summer Reading - FHS English Department

Research indicates that “most students lost an average of one month of school learning over summer vacation” (Cooper, Nye, Linsey, et al.). Additionally, “children who read as few as six books over the summer break can maintain their reading skills at a level achieved in the preceding school year,” and “reading over the summer is a strong experience that contributes to learning retention” (McGill-Franzen and Allington).

In light of this research and to promote a smooth transition to the next grade level, the English department at Foothill has designed a Get Ahead with Summer Reading summer opportunity for each grade level, including the incoming ninth grade. These descriptions can be accessed here;



Summer Reading Documents


*Note - PreAP Eng 1/1H = English 9/9H and PreAP Eng 2/2H = English 10/10H