Sports Tickets including Family passes are available

Foothill Families:  Please see the links below on how to purchase and use single game tickets and family passes from Ticket Spicket for specific CCSD athletic events. You will need to pre-purchase all tickets to games and cash will not be accepted at the entry gate, Tournaments are exempt from this policy. Foothill High School's Ticket Spicket website is: for home games and family passes. Tickets for away games have to be purchased from the opposing team's Ticket Spicket website. Please ensure you have purchased your tickets prior to arriving at the gate to avoid any delays in admission to the event.  Family passes are also purchased through this website as well and must be done in advance of the event. As a reminder, we only receive credit for sold family passes if you purchase it through the Foothill Ticket Spicket site. Family passes are currently on sale at the Foothill Ticket Spicket site. Individual game tickets will go on sale one week prior to the event. 

The sports that require a ticket for entry include: football, girls volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and boys volleyball.

Ticket Spicket How to Use Guide:
Foothill Ticket Spicket Website: