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Drug Testing

The Administration, faculty and staff at Foothill High School have the responsibility to keep all our students safe from drug abuse, a behavior that destroys bodies and minds, impedes academic and athletic performance, and creates barriers to success and happiness. In accepting and undertaking this responsibility, Foothill High School has implemented a comprehensive educational and administrative program to inform our students about the mental and physical consequences of drug abuse and to discourage and prevent our students from using drugs. As part of this program, Foothill High School implemented random drug testing of those students who want to represent the school on our athletic teams and in activities in the community. Parents of non-athletes will also have the option to have their child participate in the program. This random drug testing program does not seek to punish students but to steer young people away from a destructive behavior and to identify students in need of drug treatment. The random drug testing of students at Foothill High School is an important component of our overall effort to protect our students from the dangers of drug abuse and provide a safe, healthy environment for our students, staff, parents and families on our campus and at our athletic events.
The initial cost of the random student drug testing will be offset by a ten dollar ($10) fee that will be charged to each student athlete who turns in an athletic packet for any athletic team at Foothill High School. Additionally, students in the following activities will be assessed the ten dollar ($10) fee: band, orchestra, theatre, choir, Student Council, National Honor Society, and FHS Student News. The fee for a parent who chooses to have their child participate in the program (Opt-In) is fifteen dollars ($15). The fee will apply only once per year.
Please see the Parent Opt-in Permit form to have your child enrolled in the Foothill High School Random Student Drug Testing Program. Being in this program in no way will place your child in a higher risk of receiving a punishment from Foothill High School. This program is meant as a another level of education and a deterrent to help us in our efforts to keep kids away from behaviors that will affect them later in their lives.